Naval Uniform Badges Quiz

A short quiz that should present no problems to you hardened men of the sea.


Identify the Uniform Badges below Note that some belong to the Royal Marines and to WW2

Answers to the “Reply” Section


























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  1. Naval Uniform Badges Quiz – Answers1 – Wireman2 – Weapons Engineering3 – Skill in Driving , Royal Marines4 – Tradesman , Royal Marines5 – Bandsman , Royal Marines6 – Rating Aircrew7 – Logistics Supply Chain8 – Landing Craft Trade9 – Gunners Mate10 – Mechanician11 – Aircraft Controller.Well done all those who attempted the Quiz. Thank you for your irreverent input.

  2. 1. Torpedo Person.
    2. Electronic Warfare (Spy)
    3. A Wind-up merchant.
    4. Dentist.
    5. Leading Angel.
    6. Lighthouse keeper – Second Class.
    7.Two star Lance Jack.
    8. Gunnery Rating.
    9. A wind-up Stoker.
    10. Radar Plotter.

    1. Based on their shape/content I believe that they COULD/SHOULD be

      1. Sick Berth Attendant (this is obviously a self propelled suppository.

      2. A member of S.M.E.R.S.H. (with James Bond MI6 connections)

      3. A Frisbee thrower (modern day heaving line)

      4. Agree with Gil, a Dentist who failed the Chippy’s course

      5. Sky Pilot’s Killick Assistant

      6. The Ships Company’s Letterman (Postie)

      7. Sky Pilot’s funeral Wreath Bearer Elsie (Hell see)

      8. Heavy Club Swinger

      9. Coxswain with delusions of grandeur

      10. A Sparker

      Please remember I left the RN in 1993!

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