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Remembrance at Stubbington

Laying of St Vincent Wreath at Stubbington War Memorial
The inimitable Philip
St Vincent’s Wreath
Remembrance Team(with their Berets)
Card on St Vincent Wreath
RNA Team
Soapy and Sue
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Ken’s Garden

Visitors to Ken’s Garden in the wee small hours

(Not the Pig, it’s only for show)


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Molly and the Virus

How Molly, Jonathan’s dog, intends to deal with the Coronavirus

With thanks to Jonathan

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Welsh Border Force

A Photograph of the Welsh Border Force aka Coronavirus Guards

Courtesy of Ken Cast


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Service of Remembrance

Service of Remembrance from Phil Hiscock the Associaton’s Padre


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Reunion 2021

2021 Reunion

The Reunion arrangements for 2021 have been thrown into jeopardy by the news of the collapse of “IOW Tours” whom we used to make the arrangements.

Below is the news from IOW Tours.

The SVA Committee will be in the process of trying to make alternative arrangements and will keep you informed


We are sorry to announce that IOW Tours Ltd ceased trading on Wednesday 7 October 2020.

We have tried so hard for you, our more than loyal customers, to keep our heads above water. We have worked hard to cancel/postpone/refund what is now nearly 30,000 customers but with over 90% of our trade for the year wiped out by Covid-19 and with cancellations now coming in for 2021, we find we are unable to continue.

Please rest assured that we have financially protected our customers’ money. If you have booked a holiday by coach, or an ‘event style’ break including overnight accommodation, then you are entitled to a full refund of the monies paid for the holiday.

I.O.W Tours Limited are members of The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT) and held a bond under the Bonded Coach Holidays scheme (BCH) to protect customer prepayments. BCH have appointed Protect Claims to manage and process refund claims

Protect Claims will help you claim back any monies you are owed, including those protected by Refund Credit Notes issued and set out some advice below.

If you are booked as part of a group, only the Lead Booker (Group Organiser) can contact Protect Claims. They will be unable to assist individuals within a group as only the Group Organiser can make a claim.

Details of the claim process are published on the BCH website… click on this link

If you do not have access to the internet, a copy of the claim form can be posted to you to complete and return.  Please write to: Protect Claims PO Box 6430, Basildon, SS14 0QT. 

We want to thank you for allowing us to have looked after you, some of our customer have been loyal to us for all 31 years we have been trading. We have laughed together, cried together and enjoyed each other’s’ company over the years and we are really going to miss you each and everyone one of you.

Shirley Winn

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Museum Opening

The Museum  will open this coming Friday (25th. September 1000-1200). PLEASE bring & wear

your face covering (preferably a mask) as you will not be permitted entry without it! Thank you.

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Cancellation of Remembrance Day parade


HMS St Vincent Association 2020 Remembrance Day Parade

The committee has decided that because of the restrictions caused by the current Pandemic, and the risks to the health of the membership to withdraw the application for tickets to this year’s London Remembrance Day Parade. It is a decision we have regretted having to make but we will be applying for tickets in 2021.

Jonathan Gibson

HMS St Vincent Association Remembrance Day Organiser

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Website Adminstrators Position

Website Administrator

In October the Position for Website Administrator

for HMS St Vincent Association will become available.

If you would like to apply for this challenging and exciting Position

then please contact the Association’s Chairman, Gary Goodwin at

To get the best out of the task it is advisable that you have in-depth knowledge of WordPress and a working knowledge of Microsoft Access Database. 

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Surviving Prostate Cancer

Congratulations to Philip on his success in overcoming his Prostate Cancer.

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VJ Day Commemorations

VJ Day Commemorations from British Legion, via our
Treasurer Jonthan Gibson

The Royal British Legion

Dear Jonathan Gibson,

Many thanks for your continued support for and interest in our Commemorative Events Programme. We are pleased to let you know that we are able to hold a smaller but hopefully equally significant commemoration for VJ Day 75 at the NMA on Saturday 15th August. Whilst capacity is limited, we are also delighted to share that this will be broadcast live on BBC One from 0930 – 1130.

For those who wish to pay their respects at the NMA on the day, there are some public registrations available for the afternoon (from 1200hrs) after the commemoration. Spaces can be booked online at – click the ‘book now’ button and select the date.

Please note, unfortunately we have had to limit access to the site during the commemoration itself due to Covid restrictions, however the link allows you to book access to the site and its fantastic memorials on the afternoon of the 15th August.

If there are any VJ veterans that are affiliated with your organisation that hadn’t previously registered but might now be interested in attending the commemoration at the NMA, please send their name and contact details (preferably an email address) to by Friday 7 August and a member of the team will register their interest.

Finally, we very much want to be able to represent those VJ veterans who would have wanted to be at the event but who cannot travel. If you have veterans of VJ Day within your membership, we ask that you share this link with them in order for us to be able to lay a posy with a message from them, as part of the event: Poppy Posy registration This form will close on Wednesday 12 August.

Many thanks for your continued support and good wishes. We look forward to being in touch soon about future events and plans.

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Black Tot Day

Black Tot Day (31 July 1970) was the last day on which the Royal Navy issued it’s sailors with a daily ‘Tot’ of rum after 315 years of that tradition.

In the 17th century, the daily drink ration for English sailors was a gallon of beer (about four litres), although frequently small beer was used with an alcohol content below 1%. Due to the difficulty in storing the large quantities of liquid that this required, in 1655 a half pint of rum was made equivalent and became preferred to beer. Over time, drunkenness on board naval vessels increasingly became a problem and the ration was formalised in naval regulations by Admiral Edward Vernon in 1740 and ordered to be mixed with water in a 4:1 water to rum ratio and split into two servings per day.

In the 19th century, there was a change in the attitude towards alcohol due to continued discipline problems in the navy. In 1824 the size of the tot was halved to one-quarter of an imperial pint in an effort to improve the situation. In 1850, the Admiralty’s Grog Committee, convened to look into the issues surrounding the rum ration, recommended that it be eliminated completely. However, rather than ending it the navy further halved it to one-eighth of an imperial pint per day, eliminating the evening serving of the ration. This led to the ending of the ration for officers in 1881 and warrant officers in 1918.

On 17 December 1969 the Admiralty Board issued a written answer to a question from the MP for Woolwich East, Christopher Mayhew, saying “The Admiralty Board concludes that the rum issue is no longer compatible with the high standards of efficiency required now that the individual’s tasks in ships are concerned with complex, and often delicate, machinery and systems on the correct functioning of which people’s lives may depend”. This led to a debate in the House of Commons on the evening of 28 January 1970, now referred to as the ‘Great Rum Debate’, started by James Wellbeloved, MP for Erith and Crayford, who believed that the ration should NOT be removed. The debate lasted an hour and 15 minutes and closed at 10:29 p.m. with a decision that the rum ration was no longer appropriate.

31 July 1970 was the final day of the rum ration and it was poured as usual at 6 bells in the forenoon watch (11am) after the pipe of ‘up spirits’. Some sailors wore black armbands, tots were ‘buried at sea’ and in one navy training camp, HMS Collingwood, the Royal Naval Electrical College at Fareham in Hampshire, there was a mock funeral procession complete with black coffin and accompanying drummers with black silks on their drums and a piper. (I was there KC!!) The move was not popular with the ratings despite an extra can of beer being added to the daily rations in compensation.

A special stamp was issued, available from Portsmouth General Post Office, with the slogan “Last Issue of Rum to the Royal Navy 31 July 1970”.

Black Tot Day was subsequently followed in two other Commonwealth navies (the Royal Australian Navy having already discontinued the rum ration, in 1921.

31 March 1972 was the final day of the rum ration in the Royal Canadian Navy.

28 February 1990 was the final day of the rum ration in the Royal New Zealand Navy.

I certainly shall be having one or three tots today as it was a 315 year tradition and caused a lot of ‘rum rats’ to leave the mob!! Cheers to everyone who was ‘G’!!

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Pastimes at Camborne

During the Corona Virus Lockdown, you have to find some ways of passing the time.
In Camborne we do it by playing Monopoly.

Good old Cornish tradition


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My Navy Career – Robert Rogers

Not sure if this has been done before. Members could list when they Joined HMS St Vincent . When they left the RN and what drafts they had in between. This is my lot. Joined up May 5th 1959. Anson 220 class.

HMS Collingwood May 1960-Dec 1960 Part 2 training. HMS Crane Feb 1961- Jun 1962. Whale Island XP.Party Jun 1962-Aug 1963 HMS Hampshire Aug 1963-Nov 1965. HMS Collingwood Killicks Course Nov 1965-June 1966. HMS Diamond Jun 1966-Nov 1966. HMS Ajax Nov 1966- Sept 1967. FMG Sept 1967

HMS Collingwood PO’s Course !967- March 1968. HMS Blake March 1968- Nov 1971. HMS Tiger Nov 1971-Feb1974. HMS Collingwood PO’s Mess Treasurer Feb 1974-Apr 1975. HMS Fife April 1975- Oct 1977

HMS Intrepid Oct 1977-Oct 1978. Whale Island Oct 1978-May 1979 Technical Training co-ordinator

HMS Mohawk May 1979-Jan 1980. HMS London Jan 1980-March 1982. HMS Phoebe Jan 1983- Sep1983

HMS Nelson For release Jan 25th 1984.

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Remembering- Gary’s Father


Gary, our Chairman’s father was in the Navy at the end of the War.

Following is a short Testimonal of Events to which he relates towards the end of the War with Japan.

Such remembrances are precious and make us ponder as to what it was like to be actively

involved in War events.

Gary’s Father

Dad’s war didn’t end on VE day as he was on board HMS GLORY and he was sent to the far East to continue the war against the Japanese. When Japan surrendered his ship transported all the Australian prisoners of war held by the Japanese back to Australia. It was only when the ship came back to the UK that he was demobbed

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Funeral of Christian Littlewood

 His funeral is on
 Friday 7th February at 13.30 Woodvale Crematorium Lewes Road Brighton BN2 3QB.
 Family flowers only but donations to
 Brighton Sea Cadets or Forgotten Veterans UK.
 Funeral Directors are
 Lady Caring Funeral Directors
 217 Coast Road
 BN10 8LA

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Christian Littlewood

The thoughts and Prayers of the St Vincent Association are with the family of Christian Littlewood who died recently

Christian was a valued an respected member of the Association who worked diligently as the Association’s Secretary.

His death is a great loss to the Association as well as his family. May he rest in peace.

Details of his Funeral will be Posted later.


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Get Better Soon


Glad to hear, Phillip, that you are getting better.

Make a speedy recovery

From all at SVA

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AGM Refreshments 2020

Pre-AGM Refreshments

If you are attending the AGM, then according to the Programme of Events, you should be catered for  Tea and Coffee on arrival at St Vincent. Unfortunately, there is no way to record your requirements on the Forms.

Therefore, so that “Tilly’s Cafe” can meet your Order,you should, on the top of the Lunch Order page, write in how many Coffees and or Teas you want and these should be provided around 10am.

Send this off to IOW Tours with your Lunch Order.

Coffee £1.20

Tea £1.00


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