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Dhobying at St Vincent


Dhobying Day 1910

Dhobying Day 1950’s


Dhoby Day 1932




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I remember Dhobying Day at St Vincent back in 1949, We had those white canvas No 5`s if I remember right, before No 8`s were introduced that year a blessing , before you had to scrubbed them on the floor to get them clean with a yellow bar of soap and tickler tin of teepol, All your clothes had to be inspected by an Instructor Boy before you could place them in the dryer. Hard days before Washing Machines were invented.

Dhobi (or as us Naval chaps say – Dhoby) is a Hindi word. The translations are as follows:-
washerman – धोबी
dhobi – धोबी
laundryman – धोबी
laundress – धोबिन, धोबी
In answer to Dave Hughes & the sixties – Yes we were naked but so were the boys in older times – its just that they dressed for the photograph & had to remain perfectly still! But you are right, I don’t think we have ever seen a photo of Dhobying from the sixties…….unless our Members know better………………

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