Our esteemed Member, Owen Curtis is going through a bad period with his health. Our thoughts are with him and his family at this time and wish him a speedy recovery.

His daughter, Sharon, has published a Testimonial, which should be read to understand the nature of the problem with Owen. Click on Link to read.

Owen Curtis Testimonial



17 thoughts on “Owen Curtis – Testimonial

  1. Glad you were sounding yourself when we rang.
    Wendy said she always loved it when you gave her a hug and called her ‘Me Ansom’

    HOWEVER I would like to talk to you about that as it is getting far too prevalent. [too often]
    I would not like to think I would have to name you in any future proceedings !!

    Very best wishes shipmate
    Cheers Andy

  2. To my drinking buddy since I joined the association and his great companionship over the years Get well soon need you in October My grandchildren bought me a new hip flask for Christmas It holds a litre of rum !!!!!! Speedy recovery

  3. Sharon
    I was so sorry to hear about your dad Owen. I look forward to seeing him at reunions as I served with him in St Vincent and again on the Eagle.I wish him a speedy recovery and hope to meet with him again.Give him my regards and best wishes.
    Bill Drake

  4. So sorry to hear about our shipmate Owens health issues. He and I have always have a bit of a laugh copying each others accent. Give him our regards and best wishes on behalf of the committee and members of HMS St Vincent.

  5. So sorry to learn of Dad’s strokes Sharon but thank you so much for taking the trouble to explain his current situation and full credit, and a sticky bun, to Jonathan for asking you to do so. My annual attendance in London on Remembrance Day and at the ReUnion is always enhanced by Dad’s participation and excellent company. Please pass on my best wishes to him, I shall certainly have a word with his maker about him! I had a “mini stroke” a couple of years back and they are not much fun.

  6. A shock to hear Owen’s health news, having last seen him at the Reunion 2018 and where he was his usual bubbly self and full of life. We wish Owen a speedy recovery and return to the life he previously enjoyed with his family and friends.
    Take care Shipmate.

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