I noticed from the latest edition of the SVA mag that you are asking for members to contribute to it. I submitted an article by e mail some time ago, I received no confirmation of the e mail and my article was not published. I then copied the email and posted it down along with a cheque, well the cheque was cashed but still no sign of my article.

I also recall some time ago a discussion on holding the AGM at a different venue. Various suggestions were put forward and the committee was to look at it and make a comment – No comment was made.

Then some members asked for a members list saying it would be nice to contact members who served at the same time. They did not want to infringe on any Data Protection Regulation simply to have a name and class number. This also was to be discussed and a comment made- still waiting.

I do not want to complain as I know all committee members put in a lot of valuable time and without them we would have no Association. All I want to say is that I feel I have been badly let down and am very disappointed for I fear we have a widening gap between Pompei and members North. You say the AGM was badly attended, is it because you expect us to come to you rather than you come to us.

Dave Hughes Hawke 442 

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