What do you know about D Day

1/ On which Beach did the Canadian forces land.

2/ Who was the General in charge of the American forces.


3/ What was “Pegasus Bridge” and who were the British Units tasked with capturing it.


4/ What were the names of the artificial harbours erected off the Beaches.


5/ What objective should have been attained by the end of D Day, according to Montogomery.

6/ What was the name of the Command Ship for the D Day operations.

7/ What were the “COPP’s” parties.

8/ What was “Operation Fortitude”.

9/ What was the purpose of “DD Tanks”.


10/ What were “Hobart’s Funnies”.


11/ What is the name of this American Officer.


12/ Who was the General in command of the British 2nd Army.


13/ What was the name of the Naval phase of Operation Overlord.

14/ Who was in command of the Naval Phase of Operation Overlord.


15/ What type of Gliders were used to ferry the British landings






5 thoughts on “Quiz No. 15

  1. 1. Juno
    2. Omar Bradley
    3. It was Captained by John Howard of the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.
    4. Mulberry
    5. Caen. (It took to 6th. August 1944.)
    6. USS Bayfield
    8. Operation Fortitude was the deception plan
    9. DD Tanks wer Duplex Drive units that had a propeller to drive them in the water toward the beaches. They also had canvas water shields to provide the buoyancy. many of then sank!!
    10. Hobarts ‘Funnies” were cleverly designed vehicles that dealt with the various obstructions designed by the Germans.
    11. Lt. Gen. George Patton. (Commander of the American 3rd. Army in France & Germany.)
    12. Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery.
    13. The Naval Operational had a code name of Neptune
    14 Admiral Ramsey. (Late of Dunkirk.)
    15. The Horsa glider. (Made by Airspeed!!)

  2. 1 Juno
    2 Omar Bradley
    3 Bridge over river by Caen, Taken by John Howard, he was relieved by Lord Lovatt and his guides (no relation!)
    4 Mullberries
    5 Relief of Caen after securing the Beach heads.
    6 Belfast
    7 Combined operation pilot or guide parties.
    8 Deception operation to make the Germans that the main landing was Dover/ Calais.
    9 ” swimming tanks” many of the Americans sank.
    10 Tanks used for Beach mine clearance and laying down safe roads over the sand.
    11 Patton.
    12 Montgomery. Met him & had a brief chat with him at St. Vincent.
    13 Neptune.
    14 Bertram Ramsey.
    15 Horsa

  3. Derk Hoskins entry for Quiz 15
    1 Juno
    2 Omar Bradley
    3 Bridge over river near Caen 2nd Para Regt.
    4 Mulberry
    5 Caen
    6 HMS Belfast
    7 A shindig in a local nick
    8 The feeding of misinformation to the enemy
    9 They wqere able to “swim” ashore under their own power
    10 Tanks the had special modifications tro allow them to do things like Track laying and minesweeping
    not to be confused with nicking another person’s drink

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